When you thought you could not handle another day of an extreme cold, spring is just within your sight. However, prior to putting away the gloves and hats, snow shovels and heavy coats, always keep in mind that you still got a few more weeks left of winter. And that’s a good thing since there are a lot of tree care projects which need to be performed prior to the full bloom of the spring time. Furthermore, the window between the bright flowers and the worst of the winter weather condition can be quite short, therefore, you need to be prepared for these important activities.

1. Tree Trimming

Before your trees begin to leaf out, it’s also helpful to do any trimming or pruning which is necessary. Leaves are basically an indicator of a healthy tree. During the winter months, the chances are decreased for infestation or infection for wounds that are open left by tree pruning.

2. Tree Inspection

While tree inspection rather seems like a minor and passive activity, it is sometimes not. Thorough inspection, to the contrary, inspection of the trees can help you identify the problems while they are still small and pardon the pun, you may nip them in their bud. When trees are then bare, it is much easier to see diseased or weak branches.

3. Tree Planting

When the ground begins to thaw, spring is the best time to plant any trees you would want to include to your landscaping. The sooner you get them in your ground, the better they get as they’ll have more time to handle the situation from the traumatic experience of planting before they should endure the traumatic situation of the hot summer months.

4. Tree Clean-Up

As snow starts to thaw, you may start to witness the real mess around on your trees. If you put protective wrapping on the trees for the winter months, you will like to begin by removing that. Also, fallen branches must be picked up around the trees in order to make your lawn amazing beautiful and ready to take off in spring time.

5. Tree Fertilization

Growth takes so much energy so you have to give all the minerals and nutrients the grows need in order for them to grow and develop. Aside from that, fertilizers have an optimal impact if they’re applied as early as the ground is workable. This way, when your trees are ready for the spring growth spurt, they will have the nutrients they need at the disposal.

6. Application of Mulch

The health of your tree come to a closely accompanied to their ability to get water. Weedy or bare soil can divert important water from trees. Furthermore, the mulch keeps the water from evaporating as well as prevents the weeds from taking on to the roots of your trees. In order to help retain the water in the soil that surrounds your trees, mulch must be applied properly. Contact tree service Memphis for more details.