It depends on the lifestyle you have in life. There are cases that we could not afford to have a grand type of celebration. There are some that they wanted to have the best yet simple way of having their wedding ceremony. In this way, they can be more intimate and limited to their close friends only. Of course, they have to think about the budget and the overall expenses that they might meet. At the same time, you could not predict who is going to be there. You need to buy flowers, food, wedding clothes, and many more to mention.  


Of course, that would always depend on the budget as well. There are some people who are very rich and they wanted to make this one fabulous and elegant. They don’t care about the possible expenses for that wedding as long as this will be a huge one. This could be something really great but for others, they don’t care about it. As long as they love each other, then there is nothing wrong when it comes to that matter whether it is a grand type of wedding or just a very simple and traditional one only.  

We can give you some ideas why most of the wedding coordinator would suggest to have a simple yet very nice type of wedding. Of course, we have our own preferences here but it would always be subject to some changes especially when you see the great advantage of that one. You can ask your friends and relatives as well when it comes to this matter so that you can get more ideas about what to consider and which one you think is not acceptable anymore. Others are just following the traditions that they are used to do.  

We love saving for our futures, and that is the best thing that we could always think of. It is not about the wedding anymore but the family that you are going to make and build in the coming years. They would love to spend most of their money to the future of their family compared with having a very expensive type of wedding. You can always choose the nice venue with a great budget only. You don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands for this one.  

Go for a nice wedding photos and photographers. Remember that this one will be your greatest memories that you can keep forever. Others would love to include this one since this is just going to happen once in a life.  

Choose the guests only that you want to invite. This is a great way to manage the food that you can serve. That could mean as well that you are going to enjoy more and delicious meal since only very few of them are invited. This is the perfect time as well that you don’t have to worry about those giveaways that you need to send to the guests. You can use the money here for your coming honeymoon.